Geometric Shapes


Geometry has two dimensional and three dimensional geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes are used to construct a larger object by combining different shapes together. For example, picture of an house using a square as the base and walls and a triangle for the roof. The picture itself is not a geometric shape but it consists of simpler geometric shapes which are combined to each other.

Two dimensional geometry shapes are circles and different types of polygons

Polygons are closed figures with line segments . The point at which each line segment meets is a vertex of the polygon and each line segment is a side of the polygon.

Different types of polygons based on number of sides :

Number of sides 3 4 5 6 7 8
Shapes Triangle Quadrilateral Pentagon Hexagon Septagon Octagon


Different types of Quadrilaterals :-

Parallelogram,   Square,  Rectangle,  Rhombus, Trapezoid

Figures of Two Dimensional Geometric Shapes

Shapes in geometry:

Triangle:  Triangle is an enclosed figure with 3 sides and 3 angles.  Sum of angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.

Quadrilateral:  A plane figure with four straight lines and 4 interior angles, whose sum is 360 degrees.

Square:  Square is an perfect quadrilateral with  4 equal sides and angles.

Rectangle:  Rectangle is an enclosed figure with 4 sides and 4 angles.  Opposite sides are of same measure. Measure of all the 4 angles is 90 degrees.

Parallelogram:  Parallelogram is an enclosed figure with 4 sides, in which opposite sides are parallel to each other.

Trapezoid:  Trapezoid is an enclosed figure with 4 sides with only one pair of opposite side parallel to each other whereas the other pair of opposite sides are intersecting lines.

Circle:  A plane figure formed by a closed curve consisting of all the points that are at a fixed distance from a particular point in the plane.

Rhombus:  A plane figure with equal sides and measure of all 4 angles is 90 degrees.

Pentagon:  An enclosed figure having 5 sides.

Hexagon:  An enclosed figure having 6 sides.

Septagon:  An enclosed figure having 7 sides.

Octagon:   An enclosed figure having 8 sides.




Above diagrams shows geometric shapes.

Three Dimensional Geomtric Shapes

Geometric  shapes:

Rectangular Prism, Triangular Prism, Hexagonal Prism, Rectangular Pyramid, Triangular Pyramid, Hexagonal Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone,  Sphere

Sphere: A closed surface consisting of the locus of points in space that are at a fixed distance and from a fixed point. A sphere is generated when a circle is turned through a complete revolution about an axis that is one of its diameters.

Cone:  A solid defined by a closed plane curve (forming the base) and a point outside the plane (the vertex). A line segment from the vertex to a point on the plane curve generates a curved lateral surface as the point moves around the plane curve.

Cylinder:  A solid defined by a closed plane curve with an identical curve parallel to it.

Pyramid:  A solid figure in which one of the faces, the base is a polygon and the others are triangles with the same vertex.  Rectangular pyramid has a rectangular base. Triangular pyramid has a triangular base.  Hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base.

Prism:  A polyhedron with two parallel opposite faces known as bases that are congruent polygons.  All the other faces are known as lateral faces, are parallelograms formed by straight parallel lines between corresponding vertices of the bases. Triangular prism has a triangular bases and three lateral faces. Rectangular prism has a rectangular bases and four lateral faces. Hexagonal prism has a hexagonal bases and 6 lateral faces.