Real Life Example of Triangles

Introduction to real life example of triangles:

The triangles have three sides, which has two-dimensions and it is closed. In real life the triangles have three vertices or three corners. There are many types of triangles are depending on its internal angles, external angles and its sides. The types of triangles are acute triangle, obtuse triangle, right angle triangle, scalene triangle, isosceles triangle and equilateral triangle.

The Types of Triangles:

Equilateral triangle:

The Equilateral triangles are the one of the triangle. Equilateral triangle all sides are equal measure length.  Equilateral triangles are one of the regular polygon figures. An Equilateral triangle angles are measuring 60°.

Isosceles triangle:

The Isosceles triangle is the one of the triangle. The isosceles any triangle 2 angles are congruent. The isosceles triangles are a triangle any 2 of the sides are congruent. In isosceles triangles the base angles are the angle opposite the 2 congruent faces.

Scalene triangle:

The scalene triangles are not usual triangle.  Most of the triangles are drawn at random would be in scalene. In scalene triangle interior angles are always different in measure. If all the angles are different in measures and then that the triangles are scalene, and all the faces are different in lengths.

Acute triangle:

An acute triangle is classified by its angles. Acute triangles all the angles are less than 90 degrees.

Right triangle:

Right triangles also called right angled triangle or rectangle triangle.  Right triangles one angle is right angle. The triangle right angle opposite side is the hypotenuse; hypotenuse is the longest side of the right angle triangle.

Obtuse triangle:

The Obtuse triangles are classified by its angle. The triangles are that any one angle is measures more than 90° is an obtuse triangle or obtuse-angled triangle.

The Real Life Examples of Triangles:

A real life example of an obtuse triangle is the roof truss of a building with a low ridge roof. Real life example for obtuse angled triangle is the peak of a roof often forms an obtuse triangle.

roof truss of a building

A real life example of an obtuse triangle is very steep ski slop or it could simply be used as tile and people playing sports-angle of legs, arm, etc. The real life example of equilateral triangle is traffic signal.

traffic signal

The real life example of right triangle is the construction of a staircase involves right triangles. There are right triangles involved when you are using a transit to measure the angle of elevation to find the height of a pole or a mountain.

staircase in right angle triangle

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